We employ results based website development and internet marketing strategies.

This is an established foundation and it impacts every step of our process as we work with you, from the first consult to ongoing support.

We will discover your goals and craft a strategy that will achieve them.

We know that if the strategy (plan) is followed,
you will achieve RESULTS.

Results based development has a
goal of Website Conversions.

... and that's how we KEEP our clients!



There are 3 Steps involved in effective website marketing:

1) Your Website Must be Properly Designed

2) Your Website Must receive Qualified Traffic

3) Your Website Must Convince Visitors to Take the Action that You Want them to Take!



An Effective Website Marketing Program Requires 3 Things

1) Correct Website Design & Development

Correct website design and development includes all of the following:  responsive design (works WELL on mobile phones) good HTML coding; proper on-page SEO (search engine optimization); properly selected, optimized (for fast web download) and coded images; use of proper micro data (see; inclusion of appropriate open graph tags (enables special facebook functions) elements; embedding of social media sharing and following icons and function; inclusion of common functions and conventions; easy to navigate ... and more.

2) Getting Qualified Traffic to the Website

Having your website properly designed and developed will do you no good if you don't get qualified traffic to it.

Getting traffic to your website is also usually worthless unless it is qualified traffic.

As a website developer, it does me no good to have people visit my website that are not business owners, because unless they own a business, they are not in my target and will not buy something from me.

The exception to this is that they may be looking over my site for a friend or family member and reporting back to them.

So, be careful or better than that, DO NOT BUY PROGRAMS THAT PROMISE TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE!  They are almost always SCAMS.

Remember, traffic that has no interest in your product or service is worthless to you.

There are legitimate services that can get qualified traffic to your site and we provide those, so buy them from us.

3) Converting Website Visitors into Leads and Customers

So, you have a properly designed and developed website and you are getting qualified traffic to it.  What's next?

You've got to CONVERT your website visitors into leads or customers.

They may well become a LEAD first, "putting their toe into the water" by accepting a free offer from you and trying to make a decision about whether or not to buy.

If they have been sent by a trusted source, they may just dive right in and buy.

But what do you do to encourage them to CLICK ON instead of CLICKING AWAY?

Your site must include a powerful conversion Message and Mechanism.

Forget Your Logo and Get a Message!

We continue to be amazed at the inordinate amount of time and money and fretting that small businesses sometimes invest in their logos while at the same time completely ignoring their message.

No one is going to ever tell you, "I landed on your site and I saw you logo and I just had to buy your product."  "Your logo did it for me ... I looked all over the web until I found your logo, and then I was sold ... I knew I simply could not live without your product or service, and you can thank your logo for that!".

It takes a Message to Motivate

Take some time to develop your marketing message.  We can help you with this.  It is your message that can get the attention of your qualified visitors and move them to action.

Employ a Conversion Mechanism

We are strong advocates for the use of a personal, welcome video.  You can record it with a $20 webcam and upload it free to  Then, it is super-easy to embed it on your website.

Next, find an easy "no brainer" way to get new clients to RESPOND TO AN OFFER.

Those will be your LEADS.  Followup with them.  It is your job to turn them into paying CUSTOMERS.