Costs & Value

Sure, we're very competitive! But the price tag is not an indication of value.

Value is determined by what you get for what you pay.

Website Development or Design Value

Website Management Value

We sell a subscription based service that includes:

  • our website editor CMS), special plugins, & support
  • our own plugins and addons
  • ability to use almost any 3rd party function
  • 1 domain and an unlimited hosting account is FREE with your subscription 😊
  • free security certificate

Our subscription service Level 1 is only $15/mo or $165/yr. 😊

  • We have 9 more service levels available from $25/mo to $1,000/mo.
  • The higher priced service levels include more, such as:
    • our easy web store
    • our professional feedback & reviews platform
    • local search marketing
    • business class email @ domain
    • SEO (search engine optimization) services
    • and more ... 
  • Just choose the service bundle that fits your needs.

There's no risk to you, so go ahead, tap that button below!  You'll be glad you did.

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